About Us

Care Consultancy Solutions is a Care Consultancy company founded by Chris Johnson at the end of 2016.

Chris has worked in the care sector for over 20 years, as a registered manager as well as spending 14 years as an Adult Social Care Inspector with CQC and the two predecessor organisations CSCI and NCSC.

Having seen things from both sides of the fence, we have empathy for providers, registered managers, and staff of adult social care services. We know how difficult it can be for providers and managers to stay on top of the constant changes to regulation, inspection and the accompanying guidance documents, when their main priority is to the people they are caring for. In addition, providers and managers must answer to a multitude of stakeholders, recruit, train and retain staff, maintain a safe environment whilst contending with the financial pressures affecting the social care sector.

Chris chose to leave CQC as he had been frustrated for some time with the limitations of the CQC role and often came away from an inspection wishing he could provide more advice, support and guidance than the role allowed him.